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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Where eyes enhances our emotions, eyebrows are crucial for enhancing the eyes and the facial balance, which is the focal feature of every person's appearance overall. And with barely present eyebrows or facing eyebrow hair loss, one may wish to...

PRP Treatment

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a refined advanced non-surgical injection procedure widely used for wound healing of sot bones and tissues. The same is now included by Harley Hair Transplant Clinic of Harley Street for treatment of hair loss...


What Is Follicular Unit Transplantation (Fut) Hair Transplant Or Strip Harvesting ? Earlier the surgeons extracted large strips of hair tissue from patients back of the head, the whole hair transplan techniques revolutionised by the FUT treatment, leading you ...


Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a hair transplant technique in which our surgeons extract, the hair follicles unit from the denser area of hair growth, to an area facing alopecia or hair loss. Being a popular option for patients....

Hair Transplant Specialist – Advanced Harley Hair Clinic

Harley Hair Restoration Clinic is part of Harley Cosmetic Group, London that is a medical institute that associates with successful names of highly qualified and experienced hair experts, trichologists and hair transplant surgeons who practice with the most advanced and FDA approved mainstream FUT and FUE hair restoration (Hair Transplant) surgeries making us one of the leading hair restoration clinic London.

At Harley Hair Restoration Clinic we understand that every individual is different from other, and that’s why our surgeons regard every patient with a personalized consultation session listening, discussing and evaluating the roots of one’s problem individually and advising what’s best for them. A hair restoration surgery can only performed on the patient who has enough hair typically at the back of his scalp that is immune to baldness, as the hair to be transplanted can be only taken from the patient himself anyone’s else’s hair won’t suffice. So a hair restoration surgery for any baldness syndrome can only be answered after looking at the patient.

Hair Loss can result from a number of reasons. However, the most basic cause of hair loss is genetic inheritance. When testosterone forms into an androgen called Dihydrotestosterone, the androgenic hormone shrinks hair follicles causing them to die eventually, which leads to Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness in men. Male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness. Harsh Climate, involuntary reaction to hair products and some drug use can also lead to hair loss.

All procedures at Harley Hair Restoration Clinic starts with an initial consultation where seeking patients can get to know determine and decide their hair restoration procedure, whether they want to opt for surgery at all and weather they are an ideal candidate at all. And also plan hair restoration cost in London as per their desires and expectations from the surgery. The consultation is conducted first with our nurse consultants and then, if the patient genuinely seeks surgery and have enough donor hair to support for it. The consultation can then be carried out with a hair transplant surgeon whom you can choose from our panel and according to their personal profiles, past patient history and availability at the moment.

And this consultation session is offered at free of cost by Harley Hair Restoration Clinic for the benefit of patients to aware and properly assess themselves as to what their exact step might be, whether or not they can really afford such a surgery and all in all just take their decisions with confidence. The free consultation does not apply any hidden costs or conditions.


    Harley hair clinic London is a medical institute which is related with m any successful names of the highly qualified, experienced hair surgeons. This clinics hair transplant practice the most advanced and board approved mainstream FUT, FUE hair restoration surgeries an d makes us the leading hair restoration clinic in London.

    we understand every individual is different from other and that’s why surgeons regard every patient with personalized consultation session, discussing, evaluating the roots of one’s problem and also advising the best for them. hair restoration surgery gets only performed on those candidates who has enough hair typically at the back of their scalp which is immune to baldness as the hair gets transplanted from their scalp only. hair restoration resection is for baldness syndrome an d can be answered after taking a look at an individual.


    we Harley hair restoration clinic treat our candidates based on case-by-case, so one will be willing to get the accurate results of how much FUE, FUT or any other hair transplant will cost and for such one is advised to go through consultation and scalp assessment. each candidates demands, needs are different and for such Harley hair transplant clinic like to work by hair not grafts ensuring the only strongest, healthiest hair follicles which can be transplanted for resulting into the best possible outcomes.


    Follicular unit extraction involves the removing of healthy hair directly from donor area of the scalp and then grafting them onto the bald, thinning areas.

    The resection gets carried away under local rather than general anesthesia which leads in eliminating risks, downtime related with other hair restoration procedure. the treatment is minimally invasive by making small entry points into the scalp as the experts team ensure the donor area looks more intact after the hair transplant process and keep hair really short if one prefer without any scarring. mostly, candidates are able to return to work next day with their expected outcomes.

    The process uses very special punched devices which range in diameter from 0.6mm-0.9mm for extracting follicular units complete with necessary glands. Our skilled surgeons manually implant each hair. The treatment gets per formed under high-powered microscope using special designed instruments which allows surgeons to work upon the natural-looking, best outcomes.


    There stays lot of factors which plays an important part in making the transplantation process more successful. At any stage our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons ensure the right process for candidates.

    • Age – it plays an important role with the best candidates for hair transplant being over 27-35 years old in age. at Harley hair transplant clinic we like to wait until candidates are bit older so we can determine the pattern on baldness accurately to perform the treatment.
    • Donor area – one must have good supply of healthy hair follicles available for getting transplanted. at Harley hair trans plant clinic one of the most important stages of one’s consultation in assessing level of hair loss and also both the quality and quantity of donor hair.
    • Type of hair loss – the cause of hair loss also plays an important, big part on one’s suitability for undergoing hair restoration process. ideal candidates are those who are suffering male or female pattern baldness thus typically affects the areas of scalp not the entire scalp meaning the donor areas in likely going to be unaffected. we offer hair transplant process for those who are suitable as we do not waste one’s time and money on any process which is not going to provoke long-lasting results.
    • Health – those are ideal who are in good health and both medically healthy, and if anyone undergoing any medication and healthy condition it is best to take surgeons advise before undergoing the resection.

    To determine more on the candidacy for hair transplant book consultation with Harley Hair transplant here.


    The process is not painful at Harley hair transplant we use local anesthesia for numbing the recipient area right before the resection starts and initially after few minutes you will feel no pain for rest of the procedure.

    We aim to provide all our candidates the best outstanding care at the time spent at Harley hair transplant clinic and also to make them comfortable, relaxed leading up at the time of the process is our main priority.


    At Harley hair clinic the majority of hair restoration process are being performed as day case process which means once the process gets performed one will be free to leave the clinic and recover in the comforts of one’s own home.


    A Hair Transplant procedure is a lengthy, delicate process which requires a substantial amount of time to ensure that one is receiving the best results. The length of time of hair transplant treatments will depend on the number of hairs that are being transplanted. At Harley hair transplant Clinic the majority of the time hair transplant procedures can be performed over the course of a day (6-8 hours). In some cases the hair transplant procedure may need to be performed across two days, this is when a very large number of hairs are being transplanted and more comfortable for the candidates to perform it in two stages rather than one. Having a larger amount of time between the procedures does not impact the effectiveness of the procedure and hair transplant procedures have been performed in this way a number of times with excellent results.

    At Harley hair transplant Clinic we do not rush our Hair Transplant procedures and our experienced surgeons take as long as they need to ensure the procedure is performed with precision and excellence. To see what happens on the day of your hair transplant procedure take a look at our hair transplant video gallery here.


    The results of a successful Hair Transplant should last for decades. This is largely because the donor hair being used is resistant to male pattern baldness and they will retain this characteristic even when transplanted into the recipient areas. At Harley Hair transplant Clinic we take the time to assess your suitability for a Hair Transplant in full detail taking great consideration of your age, grade of baldness, family history of hair loss, medical history and the quality of your donor as all of these factors will determine how successful your hair transplant is and how long it is likely to last for.

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