Hair Transplantation for Afro-Textured hair

The kinky curly texture as well structure of black hair in the African descent people largely differ from curly hair of Caucasian and Asian descents, and African hair or afro-textured hair has always been a challenge for hair transplant surgery. Afro Textured hair transplant makes for a widely discussed and exaggerated topic between practitioners of hair restoration and it has much to do with sense of artistry along with technicality of a talented surgeon.


Anatomy of African/African-American hair


The kinkiness in afro-textured black hair is genetic that is believed to be an evolutionary characteristic to survive the hot climates that is in Africa. African-American people share the same ancestry and hence carry the genetic sequence of the hair texture as well.


Afro-textured hair usually has good longevity and is extremely curly with an average hair density of close knit follicular units of 190follicular unit per square centimeter which is less than any other descent, but the pact curl and spring like hair shafts makes the hair look far denser with a torsion-twisted anatomy which is never circular, while curly hair of other descents can have circular follicles too.


Hair Loss of Afro-textured hair


Usually afro-textured hair has good longevity, hair loss and pattern baldness/ androgenic alopecia are still widely experienced. Moreover, as African descent men and women have an extravagant tradition for hair styles like cornrows; tight braiding, as well as fashion and styling like hair extensions, and hot ironing, it sometimes ends up causing permanent or temporary hair loss, more notably Traction Alopecia.


Traction Alopecia is the non-androgenic syndrome of hair loss that is caused by the vigorous pulling and straining of hair that can easily happen from the micro braiding and cornrows that is very common with African people.


A high hairline is also widely seen in afro-textured hair that is often caused by hair extensions and back pulling of the hair that might cause hair loss creating a wider forehead or maybe a genetically inherited hair line common with Africans.  All in all a high forehead from where the frontal hair line can make especially women much self conscious.


Hair Restoration of Afro-Textured Hair


Afro-textured hair transplant is performed determined a few things:


  • The Natural cross-section of the hair
  • The Hair Color
  • The skin color of the scalp


These elements or characteristics of the hair are determined along with the hair loss pattern play a key role. An afro-textured hair transplant procedure is not different from regular FUT or FUE hair restoration, the only thing that makes it special is the graft dissection part which makes seating the 1-4 hair strands in each graft as they  are intertwined, it is a strenuous work of the hair transplant surgeon to follow the root.

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