NeoGraft technique for FUE hair transplant

The NeoGraft is one compact set of automated devices to perform FUE hair transplantation that makes the surgery less strenuous for the surgeon as it is for manual FUE technique. NeoGraft is the most popular and common devise for motorised FUE hair restoration and have achieved standardization among many reputed surgeons.


The NeoGraft Machine comprise of an automated punch; a pneumatic vacuum device serving purpose for the forceps and recipient site preparation. These devises are all hand held that is used by the surgeon upon his/her own precision and control. It is only motorised intended to decrease the extreme stress needed for the concentration in Manual FUE.


How it Works


As the donor zone is shaved and all pre-operational preparations are undertaken the procedure is first scores the scalp tissue around each follicular unit with the hand held punch that rotates automatically and forms accurate cylindrical scoring of the scalp tissue in order to loosen the hair from the scalp. The rotation of the punch is not a continuous one; instead it rotates twice at a time maintaining accuracy and evenness with each hole it makes. The pressure and of the punch can be adjusted according to the texture of the scalp, if it’s too tight, then the pressure is increased, if it’s soft it is decreased. As the punch score the skin around each follicular unit, the pneumatic pressure uses vacuum power to pluck out the follicles intending to cause least damage.


Difference between Manual and Automated hair transplantation


As an approach better aid the process of hair restoration, the vacuume system of the NeoGraft can minimize the chance of graft damage or transection by sharp punches, however, as the hair follicles sometimes are plucked without the fatty tissues at the root of the follicles it exposes the follicles to desiccation or getting dry, mechanical trauma and become weak. And it always seconds the number of quality grafts an FUT/ or strip harvesting can yield, at every sitting of about 7hours, where an FUT hair transplant can yield up to 3000 intact hair grafts, the FUE and NeoGraft technique can yield maximum 2000 grafts, whose quality can differ overall.


Robotic FUE is the ultimate advancement for hair restoration in the recent times that uses fully robotic.




The FUE technique hair restoration, be it Manual, Automated NeoGraft or Robotic, is subject to full control as well as artistry of the hair transplant surgeon. Many eminent surgeons have utilized the NeoGraft technique to give out remarkable results, while many still prefer the manual FUE for it resolves ultimate control over the tools. Patients are indicated to browse their elected surgeon’s past patient’s before after images, and judge their surgeon about their approach on the surgery overview with proper research and understanding of their own.

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