The Rotocore Instrument for FUE hair transplantation

In the method of manual Follicular Unit Extraction/FUE hair transplant, there are two ways of harvesting donor hair that routine either the 2-step technique or the 3-step technique. But in both the steps the surgeon faces an indispensable difficulty to maintain the coring path straight with the manual rotating punch. The result is a deterred alignment and transaction or damage of the hair follicular units which is of course very valuable.


In this phase, the Rotocore is a semi automated punch that covers for the limitations of the manual process.


It is a small gadget that includes the features of


•    Automated rotation
•    Ergonomic handle with grip
•    Debris disposal window
•    Penetration depth spacers


With these features, the gadget finally assists a performing surgeon with some ease over the surgery, by sharing some stress and fatigue as a soft downward pressure is applied on the tip of the punch it automatically rotates as to core the skin around the follicular unit which allows much less transaction. There is no need to manually rotate the punch as it rotates itself with a little pressure on the handle that stops as the pressure is released. It is easy to handle and use and makes a precise hole each time to harvest a follicular unit.


The gadget proves efficient in minimizing deviations from the coring path decreasing transaction rates as well carpal-tunnel syndrome that is a long term potential of performing such a hard strenuous job as a manual FUE hair transplant surgery.


The length of the semi-automated RotoCore punch is shorter unlike conventional punch diameters which abort the risks of clogging of the pores and the debris window disposal. This opening is located near the junction of the shaft and hollow punch. As a result, the disposal process is quick and harmless to the punch tip. For more details visit at

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