Top three answers about Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Don’t you just hate it when in reply of a question someone just says all the things that everybody knows like “there are different types of procedures and depends on suitability” or“varies person to person” added with “do your research and ask the right things” leaving the questioner thinking “I am asking the ‘right thing’ and where’s my answer”? Henceforth, Harley Hair Transplant Clinic ventures to provide the answers to immediate questions asked by seeking patients in their immediate grammar about hair loss, hair restoration and hair itself.


1. What is the best hair transplant procedure to consider?


No surgeon or the hair restoration clinic holds the significance to opine on this question, but the suggestion goes like this: if there is a large area of bald patch and still good density in the donor zone then the FUT procedure is ideal, given the patient can only use the hair on the donor zone to fulfill their desire of hair restoration. And if the baldness is limited and hair is rather thin then the FUE technique can be ideal wherein body hair might also be added it. One thing more is that FUE hair transplant is more expensive per graft than FUT; therefore it also depends on the patient’s overall budget of the hair transplant cost.


2. When is the right time to have a hair transplant surgery?


The right time to consider a hair transplant surgery is when the hair loss is at a stabilised stage and mature age. As hair loss can occur from age as young as 18years younger men often are tempted to have a hair restoration surgery to avoid being noticed with hair loss, but it doesn’t work that way, the hair follicles that are affected by the androgenic reactions will eventually die; hair loss doesn’t really stop, it just slows down to a stabilised pace so the right time to consider surgery when the conclusive pattern of the hair loss hasn’t changed much within 2years or so. Till then medications might be helpful.


3. What is an all inclusive hair transplant cost?


A hair transplant cost would include the consultation charges with a hair transplant surgeon, wherein the surgeon will examine the patient’s hair loss conditions, syndromes and donor density and donor dominance etc. as the surgery is determined as FUT grafting is lesser than the FUE cost. Then is anaesthesia, medications that forms the total hair transplant cost.

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